Smaller acoustic guitar

Small body size with full sound


This is my smaller guitar model. It has some influence from traditional 00-model with a modern approach to design and sound. The voice is very clear and articulate with a decent base response despite its small body size. 

Starting price 3500€
(2823 € without VAT for non-EU customers)

Specs included in the starting price.

JT-00 dimensions

Upper bout
265 mm I 10.4″

221 mm I 8.7″

Lower bout
362 mm I 14.25″

Body length
478 mm I 18.8″

Depth at neck
86 mm I 3.4″

Depth at end
105 mm I 4.13″

Overal length 14-fret
1007 mm I 39.65″

Neck join
14 or 12

Scale length
632 mm I 24.9″


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