Full size guitar with powerful and versatile sound

Full size with versatile voice


The SJ is my interpretation of a full bodied guitar, slightly smaller than Dreadnought with a lower bout width of 400 mm. Though being a big guitar, it remains very comfortable to hold due to the careful design of the body shape. With a strong and resonant, but well defined bass, it lends itself to drop down/alternate tunings, but is equally well suited in standard tuning!

With its deep, cathedral-like voice it can be tailored to any player`s needs, from lush overtones for delicate fingerstyle to a more fundamental character for powerful chord playing, the SJ delivers. Available in both 14 fret and 12 fret configurations. Can be made with a Florentine cutaway.

Starting price 3100€*

*Price exclude taxes (add 24% VAT if you’re based in EU).

JT-SJ dimensions

Upper bout
287 mm / 10.9″

236.5 mm / 9.3″

Lower bout
400 mm / 15.2″

Body length
505 mm / 19.6″

Depth at neck
96 mm / 3.47″

Depth at end
116 mm / 4.4″

Overal length 14-fret
1044 mm / 40.2″

Neck join
14th or 12th fret

Scale legth
645 mm / 25.4″

Beautifully crafted guitars, very well balanced across the board, with a remarkable sustain and thick trebles. Perfect for fingerstyle with plenty enough headroom for strumming! A wonderful, handmade guitars with an inspirational voice!


from Sweden


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