Handmade custom

Acoustic guitars

Tornberg Guitars

One-of-a-kind acoustic guitars built of the finest materials with precision in detail and sound. Handmade in Finland.

Exhibiting at

Umeå Guitarshow May 6-7 2023

Come check out new and old models and have a chat about guitars.
See you there!


Custom acoustic guitar OM Indian Rosewood bracing

Fine materials

Every piece of wood behaves differently, even the pieces cut from the same log. Choosing the finest pieces is essential to achieving the best possible instument.

Responsive custom acoustic guitar structured sides

Modern construction

I adapt contemporary techniques in the building process. For example my guitars have structured sides, bolt-on-neck and carbon fiber reinforced neck, each helping in sound production and prolonging the life of the guitar.

Responsive custom acoustic guitar top deflection

Responsive design

The top and the back of the guitar are build lightly responsiveness in mind. Each guitar is also built to suit your personal music style.

Responsive custom acoustic guitar brace carving

Hand build

Working by hand and using traditional tools will ensure that every part of the guitar is fitted precisely in its place and every detail is finished just right.

Custom acoustic guitar Om Wenge headstock Gotoh tuners

Customizable options

There are lots of variations to make your dream guitar to suit you the best. Please inquire for more.

Custom acoustic guitar Om Wenge

World wide shipping

I ship guitars around the world. The shipping and additional expenses are due by customer.


Do you want to have your dream guitar built?